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Monday: Fajita Quesadillas
Domestic Beer

Tuesday: Fajitas, Single or Double

Wednesday: Enchiladas

Thursday: Chimichanga or Burrito

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Beautiful Banquet Room
With Dance Floor,
Great Atmosphere for
Wedding Receptions,
Birthday Parties,
Fund Raising Events,
Events from 50-200
Best Value in Oklahoma City
Formal or Casual
Video System, Bar, Stage

Prodigal LLC, operator of the Oklahoma City Barons are proud to recommend Cocina De Mino as a preferred caterer for our events. We have used the services of Cocina de Mino for events at the restaurant on S. Western as well as for events off­ site. Each time, the staff of Cocina de Mino has been prompt and professional in their presentation. I'm confident Cocina de Mino will exceed expectations should they be chosen to cater an event.


Josh Evans, Director of Communications

I always looked forward to a family dinner at the Cocina De Mino the south or north side.

Chris, Edmond

Great food!

Betty, OKC

Strawberry sopapihas!

Jacki, Edmond

Best Mexican food I ever tasted

Larry, OKC

From the 1st time I came here, I have always loved the fresh made tortillas.

Sarah, OKC

I’ve been coming here since I was a baby

Sara, Yukon

My first memory of coming to Cocina de Mino is the long line to get in to the 29th Street location.


Keith took me and we had the best Cona’s to drink

Sharla, OKC

Earliest memory was going for lunch with my girlfriend who now is my wife.

Chris, OKC

The fabulous complimentary Cheese sauce & complimentary sopas, surrounded by friends w/ delicious Negro Modelos

Michele, OKC

We always came here with our family so it is always fun to come back with everyone!

Stephanie, OKC

29th Street – you had to wait in line forever to get in! tortillas were to die for!

Tonja, OKC

Hearing how authentic your Mexican dishes are!

Titta, OKC

Here is where I met my husband.

Sanjvana, OKC

About 10 years ago for Cinina De Mino . Lots of fun.

Donna, OKC

My dad used to take me here for my birthdays

Jamie, OKC

We came to Cocin de Mino’s for our anniversary about 1983-84. We have gone ever since on every birthday for the 4 of us in our family. His our youngest sons most favorite place. He loves the cheese dip. He’s been known to go through about 5 bowls of it. We’ve gone to Cocaine de Mine’s since both boys were little & they are now in college. We are taking the “to go” cup of cheese sauce to Tommy.

Thanks for all the great memories!!

Sandra, ?

I just remember the big glasses of tea, and good Soapy

Beverly, Moore

Celebrating birthdays at 39th and Macarthur location. Husband remembers having to walk thru the kitchen to go to the bathroom at SE 29th and Central location in the 80”s

Debbie, OKC

One of the first dates I had with my wife, at the original Covina de Mino.

Steve. OKC

BeautyCo Company Party back in late 80’s Early 90’s. BeautyCo held there awards party on SW 29th & Central. That was my first visit and have been coming ever since. Here every year. That’s what I’m doing here today celebrating my 51st birthday

Rick, Gloria, Christy, Craig Renee,

Gloria, OKC

My earliest memories were your flour tortillas and the cheese sauce

Nancy, OKC

I have come here for as long as I can remember. When I think good Mexican food, I think Cocina de Mino!

Tyler, OKC

Eating here with my family as a child.

Nicole, Mustang

While taking driver’s ed in HS

Jeremy. Bethany

Going to SE 29th & Central and good enchiladas

Beverly, Moore

I love the nachos, enchiladas and fajitas

Jana, McLeod

Better food than the arts festival.

Wayne, OKC

My husband and I ate here way back when we were dating, and still eat here.

Nicole, Mustang

My earliest memory was when I was five. I went with my dad to the Cocina de Mino in Norman.

Sacra, OKC

Going here with friend’s in highs school. We would have the same waiter who would know what I wanted and it would be out on my table right after I sat down.

Natalie, Edmond

We’ve come here every birthday and special occasion and any occasion at all for more than 20 years (first went to the one on 29th street) Thank you!


Muy bueno! Good food & large servings

Camela, OKC © 2011